I have realized that to learn to see, I must begin where I am.  So I have started taking a harder look at my immediate surroundings.  This isn’t a blog about photography, or how much I love the color white, or how much I love playing with color within the confines of my own paper and paint, or design (as much as I love and will talk about those things), so much as learning to be creative after we have learned to see.  I hope this blog is equally fun to read for creative types as well as folks who say, “Creative?  Me?  You should see me draw; I can barely make a stick figure.”

So let’s begin.  I find that it is helpful to give myself little assignments.  I have been having a good time taking photos of the many manifestations of white.  These photos all look good together because they share that common theme.  They also work together because they function almost like a quilt.  These are not photos of white in which I take a picture OF SOMETHING white, and the background can be any old color.  No, white consumes each frame.  Take pictures, or paint, or draw, only the good stuff.  Only what you want in your picture.  I know this sounds obvious, but sometimes we are in such a hurry to capture the ‘subject’ that we don’t bother to take a look at the composition of the whole image.