Hello!  Two posts ago, I shared some paintings I’ve gleaned from magazines and catalogs that inspire me.  I don’t see those images every going out of style, because they are rooted (pun!) in nature.  They are all more or less abstractions of branches against a sky.  It’s funny, because the paintings below this were all done before I gathered the magazine clippings.  But that doesn’t mean the images weren’t sprinkled across my subconscious, seen in other magazines.  If there’s a trend going on, chances are I’ve seen it a couple times without even realizing it, and it’s about the third time that I start to realize it on a conscious level. That’s how inspiration works, often in the background.  And that is totally fine and acceptable and normal.  Even copycatting a painting exactly is fine, if you don’t try to sell it or pass it off as your own work.