Good morning, and welcome to my spare room conundrum.  You see, when we moved into our house almost a year ago now, we inherited the bedroom colors of three little girls who lived here before us.  One room was particularly unlike anything I would have chosen:  a periwinkle-ish lavendar.  Actually, it kind of rocks.  I thought I needed something a little less electric and more liveable, but I liked the idea of staying in the purple family.   You can see in my pic that I tried a purplish gray, and you can’t see the color I tried before that, a deep warm purple that ended up clashing with our dark brown headboard.

So, this book is coming in handy.  It is helping me stay true to myself and reminding me that I actually enjoy  light, sky-inspired airy hues, and that it is okay to just do what you like and not have to ‘break free’ from yourself.  I also really like the descriptions of the colors.  They also make me laugh.  Interior decorators are quoted on each color, and they really do describe the emotion rather than the parts that make up the color.  Colors are notorious for evoking emotions, though, so I suppose that makes sense.