I couldn’t help but notice similarities between Holly Hobbie and Bill Watterson, and I can’t help but imagine that each would take that as a compliment.  Most of us who remember Calvin and Hobbes will first recall the  the lively expressions and body language of the beloved boy and tiger.  Watterson could DRAW, man.  He also had a penchant for perspective, sunsets, the hard edge I love so much, and natural scenery.  Here is an illustrative (sorr-eeee) quote from the Wikipedia article I linked you to above:

“Watterson spent much of his career trying to change the climate of newspaper comics. He believed that the artistic value of comics was being undermined, and that the space they occupied in newspapers continually decreased, subject to arbitrary whims of shortsighted publishers. Furthermore, he opined that art should not be judged by the medium for which it is created (i.e., there is no “high art” or “low art,” just art.