…fasten your seatbelt, and bring your sense of humor.  Recently we had family and friends over and while we were eating we had a little dialogue on these pieces of art in my kitchen.

Family:  Hey, I like those, did you do those?

Me:  Yeah, thanks!  I was really craving something bold and graphic.

Friend:  I really like the one on the bottom; what’s going on there?

Me:  Going on?  Uh, well, I made it to be abstract.  Someone else said they thought it looked like a bird on a rock and now I see it too.

Family:  Or Darth Vader!

Me:  Oh, brother, don’t say that!

Friend: Yeah, surveying all of the chaos and destruction he has caused…

Me: (trying to recover the conversation):  Or, it’s a struggle between good and evil…

Family:  And evil wins!

Me:  (I emit a groan)

Friend:  Well, I like it.

PS: These are currently hanging (or will be shortly) in Roaster’s Coffee on G Way.  That’s Richland-Speak for George Washington Way.