Last weekend we packed up and went to Spokane for a lovely wedding.  We blitzed Spokane, as usual, and didn’t have enough time there.  But we had a wonderful impromptu family reunion at Atticus…I am so proud I get to be related to super-cool Andy and Kris Dinnison…and daughter, Kate, who was too cool for us.  She was in Rome.  Rome!   Here is Atticus:

I only regret I didn’t take a picture of my coffee and pastries and ham and gruyere sandwich.  I was too busy gobbling and making such a big mess “It looks like a toddler sat here.”  Thanks, Andy.  Also, folks,  if   you don’t want to go to heaven right now, don’t get a chocolate croissant.

Super cool artwork by long time friend Richard Vander Wende. I think. He’s worked on projects like, oh, Aladdin and Willow.  I like it that he has his own Wikipedia page, too!  Andy and Kris have cool friends.  Obviously, they read cool books, too.  If you’re not getting the reference, the quote on the wall and the name Atticus are from To Kill a Mockingbird, and if you didn’t have to read it in ninth grade,  you have to read it now.
Cookie, Cookie, Cookie!  Cookie.
I want all of these books.
Maybe Kate can read the This is Rome to us when she gets back.  Top image is from Apartment Therapy’s book, Nikki McClure does papercuts with an exacto knife, and I’m not sure what the last book is but I love the quote!
I am working on this chocolate bacon bar this very moment…
It’s gone.  Sad.  (Quote from my husband when he got home from work:  “I found a piece of that bacon bar      on the floor, and I ate it.”)
Love all the Keep Calm stuff.  The crown, the font, the advice!!  Coffee, so good.  Should’ve gotten more!  Matches, silly.  Make me laugh.
So much tea.
I like how the mug looks like it is not only transcending, but levitating!  I guess I cropped most of my hand off.  Emersonian ideals meet real life.  Beautiful font meets bad word.  Juxtaposition at its finest.  The sentiment works for my life right now.  Local artist Harold Balazs.  I also have to mention that he did a rather large installment of sculptures at our beloved Whitworth.
I like the contrast of the white ceramic and the bright poppy.  And I just love beautiful cousin Sara!  As I mentioned, beautiful cousin Kate was off being beautiful in Rome.

One last piece of awesomeness….begs to proudly store your band-aids in the bathroom.