Dear friends, after visiting Bonnie this morning at Wild Goose Designs and Mr. Spoildey Pants threw a huge fit, we exited the land of breakables to catch our breath….and that sea foam green cupcake bakery and bistro was just….calling to us.  It was OPEN.  It was OPENING DAY!!

I am feeling very…the opposite of chauvanistic!  There were guys working there, too, but I only snapped pics of the ladies.

For more images from the cupcake gallery, visit Frost Me Sweet’s website.

It took us forever to pick out a cupcake, not because there wasn’t deciciveness involved, but because mommy could not stop taking pictures.  When I heard someone say they would be back for lunch, I was like, “lunch?”  So here’s proof.


Hm, I wonder if a glass of Velvet Devil would taste good with a Red Velvet cupcake?

So, we shared a paninni…I didn’t even try to share my sandwich, when I had this to compete with….

Today’s flavors (they’ll be different tomorrow!)
                 (Above): This is why we bring our kids to a cupcake store…
And this is why we hire a babysitter and bring our spouse later…
One last thing.  Frost me Sweet does custom, so think of them for your next birthday or special event!
Until next, time, cupcakes….