I have long been ashamed at my tendency to judge a book by its cover.  Well, I’m not saying it is the best tendency all the time, but I’m just here to appreciate the beauty in what these folks have created.  And their smarts in realizing there are people like me who do not want to look at a nasty package for the shelf life of its contents in my house.  So, here’s to beautiful, artistic design, even if it is in disposable form.  Here’s the kicker, though:  I’m probably going cut out that cardboard game on the Cheerios box.  I’m much more liable to keep that Rose Salve container to keep beads or pins in than in some ugly container.  No, if I didn’t have that nice tin, I would go out and buy a special container to keep my beads in.  Which is wasteful!  So, there is a certain eco-savviness to just making things beautiful the first time.  I know, for those of you who don’t notice or care what things look like, you may think I’m a nut-job.  But then, you probably wouldn’t be reading this particular nut-job blog, so maybe I won’t get too much ridicule.  Let’s hope.