Hello!  Do you remember me mentioning Roaster’s Coffee in Richland?  496 George Washington Way, to be exact.  This location has a sit down area and a drive thru, while the Pasco location is drive through only.  For more information, you can visit their website.  I really have fun doing these shop posts.  I always enjoy getting to see more than I would just as a customer.  I look up, I look down, I read things.  I actually end up being more well-versed in the menu and store hours (added bonus), but I start to see interesting things, instead of just, well, in this case, coffee!  But even if I was blind I would know I was in a coffee shop.  Mmmmmmm.  Do you love it when the smell clings to your clothes?  That might bother some people, but I absolutely love it.  Anyway, enjoy Roaster’s as a visual experience!

              Now serving and selling their own roasted coffee.  Go local!  Also, if you want to go local with your                art, that (obviously) was mine.      Hehe!  Man, the only problem with thinking about coffee for an             hour is that now I’m going to want something more special than boring old drippity-doo-dah in the           morning.