From Bambaroos Boutique by Mirela Olariu.

from Ikabags.  I have one of these, and it rocks.  Good diaper bag, or deep enough for celery and wine and long items such as these (speaking from experience, here).  Comes in many colors.  I have a little skinny blue and white striped number.

From ExpressionsWallArt

  From Iwall

From artwallproject

from dreamsbythesea

From HeyYoYo

From goodygoodygumdrops

From Tastycakeartist  I just have to say a few words about this one.  I really like the detailed but not overwrought look of this artist.  Maybe I’m just being narcissistic, but this is similar to how I paint.  I let the paint blend visually on the canvas, leaving chunks and streaks.  I think it makes for a very painterly, interesting look!  And who doesn’t love the subject, cake??