Here’s some of my personal loot:

Poppy print.  Does anyone else think this is as cool as I do?

Couch, $50!  This may not be your style, but I think it’s rad.  That’s right.  I paid $150 to have it       cleaned just in case, but Becky’s only takes couches that look and smell good, so that’s a plus. 🙂 I got this couch there a while back, not recently, but the other stuff is from yesterday.

Kids’ divided plate/tray.  We only had one other divided plate, so now we have two! Isn’t this cute?

3 enormous pictures on printed stretched canvases that I will simply paint over to my liking ($90 for all 3, which even for blank canvases is pretty good.)

Finally, the right size mirror for this spot!  Can you tell I’ve been struggling?  I will move the federal mirror, take the other two back to T.J. Maxx and paint this new one my predictable white.  Does this mirror remind you of the one below?  It’s on the opposite wall, and they’re about the same size.  Except the one from Becky’s was $7.  It’s not super nice, so I won’t feel bad freshening it up with white paint. When in doubt about something, or if you hate it, paint it black or white first.  I’m telling you, it makes it sooo much better.
Am I getting a little thematic with the octagonal mirrors?  I know I’m pretty thematic with all the white, but that’s not negotiable.