…coming soon.  First, if you have a Joann Fabrics near you, go get one of these: Or, if your computer screen is as big as mine, you can just look at this one!  Also, here are some tips to consider:

1.Use a durable, washable, wipeable fabric.

2.Also, if you’re going with Joann’s they are always having sales on their home fabrics, so just wait for it, wait for it…I went with creamy microfiber.  The cream part isn’t super practical, but the microfiber part is.

3.  Sewing skills are a plus.  I don’t sew, so my cushions were done by a seamstress.  She bills as doing alterations, but if you can sew a dress, you can sew cushions!

4.  The chair and couch I chose have external frames, which made it easier for me to attach the fabric, because there were natural ‘stopping’ points.  I wouldn’t have attempted this on a ‘regular’ furniture.

5.  It also helps to buy a cheeeep furniture, so you won’t feel nervous.

6.  It really is best to hire an upholsterer.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you, Bwahaha!  I don’t really care because the couch and chair I did are not highly trafficked, so doing it myself made sense.   Also, I couldn’t get any upholsterers to call me back, and there was a really long wait.

Here’s what I meant by external frame.  See the wood?  Also, it was dark wood.  I painted it by dipping a rag in white paint+primer latex and wiping it on and then wiping off the excess.  I did this a couple of times.  Really scientific!