…and should I say wiser!  Wiser in this world, wiser in the one to come, and wise enough not to go with the strapless look if: 1.  you have tan lines 2.  it is Winter 3. the style isn’t ‘you’. 4.  You come from a family who calls them ‘towels.’  Ding ding ding!

Dear friends, I am so exited to do this post (and others like it)!  My dearest Aunt Joan, author of Joan’s Chocolate Chip Cookies, AJ to me, mother of 3 of my cousins (grown), widow of my dear Uncle David and now…beloved fiancee of a wonderful man named Lonnie.  Can’t wait to meet you!  In the meantime Lonnie, how about a $7,000 dollar dress?  Look, how pretty…!

And, before I get too carried away, let me say a hearty congratulations to you both. xoxo!

                 Funny how this shopowner is named Joan.  I’m just sayin’….

                              www.weddingdresscorner.com  www.manolobrides.com



The Trosseau’s Etsy Shop


PS:  I was going to write ‘for more mature’ brides, but what does that even mean?  And besides, you’ve been mature since you could walk.