Dear friends, I had a little fun at Picnik today making this collage of my artwork for you!  All of these are oils on canvas.  It may seem strange that not only do I make portraits but I make these slathered, scraped swooshed and scratched oil paintings.  Well, it’s good therapy.  Also, ever since I thought of a room as a three-dimensional canvas, I realized that not only do you want your artwork to look good within the confines of your paper or canvas, you want it to blend harmoniously with its setting, the room.  And sometimes a painting that’s not too detailed is just want the room needs.  The bold strokes, limited color palette and large-scale graphics can freshen up a space.  A picture needs to harmonize with the other pictures around it.  An artist can be talented, and a painting can be beautiful, but if it doesn’t look good in its surroundings, it is instantly cheapened.  Here are some ways to avoid that:

1. Select like colors, or themes, or both

2. Take a photo of your choices together to see them more objectively

3.  Listen to that niggling voice that is trying to group unexpected items together, or delete certain items.

4.  Make the grouping fit the setting.  Sitting down, pictures should be at eye level.  Up a staircase, it makes sense to follow the line of the stairs, but the paintings can still be clustered (see below).  Horizontal lines are said to be soothing, so in a bedroom it makes sense to hang pictures in a single row.  Don’t be afraid to get a little funky (see ‘haphazard..’ below).

5. Unify and limit your mat color choices.  Think black, white, plain!

6.  Unify the frame colors but don’t be afraid of a pop of red or a natural wood color here and there.

7. Look, look, look.  This is basically my advice for any visual art.  Learn how to see.  They say you should listen more than you talk, and I think you should look more than you do. 🙂

1.  B/W  18x 24″ $100  2. Stripes 8×10″ (see shown on wall below)  $50 3. Swoop 8×10″  $50

4. Hot 16×20″  $200  5.  Swish 8×10 ”  $80  6. (#1 skewed to right)  7.  Sherbert Stripes 12×18″  $50

8. What the World Needs Now   $50   9. (#$ skewed to right)

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