Dear friends, I saw my Mumsy on Mother’s Day, after she got off work.  Before that I visited my cousin at her house.  She still has some paintings I gave her when I was 13!   You are not even going to believe this, but our faces in the bottom pic are about the size of my pinky nail!  I am simultaneously blown away that I didn’t just make our faces bigger, therefore easier…AND that I had the ability and patience to pull this off as a 13 year old!  I am 30 now and I can’t imagine sitting still for that long.

Sporting our Christmas kerchiefs?  Not quite sure where those came from but I do remember   posing for this picture.                     The three of us weeding.  I was really keen on weeding when I was 13.  Weird, I know.

                 Not the world’s best pic, but can you tell who’s who?