Dear Friends,

Not only did I get some large canvases at Becky’s, but I can sell my old stuff here, too.  I love NOT spending money on stuff, don’t you?  If you buy something here and consign something here too, you’re winning all around.  Becky’s does a 60/40% consignment split (your favor), and I think you can set your lower limit for what you’d be willing to sell something for.  This is great for something you dont’ want to sell on Craigslist because it is too small, doesn’t photograph well, or just because you want foot traffic.  The ladies there have lots of experience and know what will sell well.  This is not Becky by the way.  She told me her “I’m not Becky” T-shirt was on its way in the mail and I believed her.   I only wish I had taken a pic of Becky!  I did three posts on Becky’s a while back; check them out here!

Plant caddy $14.50 each.  Beats triple through a catalog!