Today at the Richland Farmer’s Market I tasted the most delicious goat cheese with pesto and sundried tomatoes from Cheese Louise, sampled and purchased sweet strawberries, bought fresh asparagus, turnip greens and bearded iris, and stopped for a bite to eat at Frost Me Sweet.  One turkey sandwich was plenty for both of us!  I wonder, is going full-body into the fountain frowned upon?  Probably.

We also visited Miss Bonnie at Wild Goose Designs and bought a completely fabulous ring.  I believe my description of it was “I love how the old-world feel of the mother of pearl is combined with the very modern angular wood setting.” And instead of laughing me out of the store, Bonnie complimented me on my eye for detail. 🙂

                       Note to self: Look into this place!


Stopped for a bite to eat at Frost Me Sweet (bakery and bistro).  For more eye candy, you’ll want to                         read the post I did of their opening day, here.

                    Cooling off at the fountain!
                     Mirror sale going on at Wild Goose!
                        Cool ring from Wild Goose!