Photo credits: Jamie Helwick

Lyrics from Thigpen’s Wedding

by Kemper Crabb

Sung by McCayla Butler Nee Hudson on our wedding day,

Seven years ago!

Here I set my face unto you,
Here I speak my heart’s true vow.
Here I choose to walk beside you,
Loving only you, my heart speaks true,
Forever more from now.

I will love you in the dawning
And in the bright noonday.
I will love you in the even.
Everyday I live, my heart I’ll give.
I’ll love you from my grave.

I have heard God in your laughter.
I have seen on Him your face.
And it’s clear now what He’s after,
For He wrote your name on my heart in flame.
It’s a wound I’ll not erase.

We will rise on wings of morning;
We will fly before the wind;
We will dwell within the mysteries
And the glories of Jehovah’s love,
A circle without end.

We will pitch our tents toward Zion
In the shadow of His love.
We will covenant between us;
We will covenant with the earth below
And with heaven up above.

We will covenant with the dust below
And the Spirit up above.