Hello there, friends!  Sometimes when a blogger doesn’t post in a while it is because s/he hasn’t got anything to say.  Or sometimes…she has so much to say she doesn’t know when to start.  Yes.  The glitter, photos, paint, tape, chalk, oil paint, etc. has been flying around here.  Also, I’ve had houseguests (and been one).  Anyway.  Here’s what I’ve been up to:  
Framed Photos coming soon to a bistro near you. Really!  No copying images without permission, please.

  Chevron table.  Lots of taping and eyeballing going on here.I used that thick painter’s tape to determine the width of the zigzags.  I put it on twice as much as I needed (see top) so I wouldn’t have to pencil mark on the table.  It’s not super perfect but…I did measure occasionally to make sure I was in the ballpark.Something with a straight edge will help the eyeballing process.  This dowel is actually an item from the next project…

Remember these?They are actually the tops of magic wands!

Remember this painting?Each of the 3 panels are now dry.  Time to clean up the horizon line and finish the beach grass!