Because I heart hearts and I heart shells!   This is hanging in my stairway and it makes me happy!  Some of the bits of broken dishes are from our trip to Skye.  So the dishes could be really old?  I don’t know.  Pretty, though.  I wanted to tell you about one of my new favorite stores having a sale.  It is bound to be one of my old favorite stores.  I can’t get web images to load right now, so…should I tell you?  Oh, FINE.  Okay.  Land’s End Canvas: check out their sale section!  I’m going to be back with a Warm and Cool post of a couple things I’ve ordered.  I’m trending preppier all the time.  I think, in my heart, my style falls somewhere between Arwen of the Elves and Zena Warrior Princess, but the boat shoes I’ve got ARE comfy and cute and mold to my hobbit bunion feet.  Thanks again for those bunions, Nana!