Dear friends, do your pots and pans drive you nutso when you have to dig and clank in your lower cabinets?  Mee too!  I only have one spot to hang a pot rack in my kitchen, and that is smack over my window.  I think conventional wisdom would say this is a bad idea, but I don’t have a curtain there and we need a bit of a screen, so why not one that functions as a pot rack?  I have been eyeballing these affordable Gruntdal racks at Ikea.  They are billed as pot LID racks only, but what about an extra support in the middle?  My husband is not going for it.  Look how the bottom rack in the top picture is buckling.  Do I care?  Not if it doesn’t fall of the wall.  What say you, engineer friends?  Or, instead of copper pots on silver rails, how about a pot rack mad out of copper pipe?  I’m scared to price copper pipe, though.  Yeesh.

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