We have a friend who did some sewing for me in exchange for a painting lesson for her husband.  I don’t like to share names without permission but I’m excited by all of the results!

Reversible pillows:

Paintings (and no, the top ones, not framed, just resting on paper and drying):

   Check out these babies, which are now drying.  The larger one  (16×20) is waiting some final touches and the smaller one measures about 5×7 and served as a rough draft.  We were about ready to call it a day (really about 2.5 hours) when I referred back to the small painting and realized that the wet-on-wet application of the orange tinges to the clouds was pretty killer. The big painting needed the same treatment. The idea behind the smaller painting is that it gives you just these sorts of inspirations, and it also gives you a sense of confidence and accomplishment for tackling the bigger piece.  Or, conversely, a small painting can be done after a large painting to see if you can streamline and post-process all your accomplishments.  Nice work, you-know-who-you-are!