I made as stencil.  Here I’m practicing it on my window.

There is great comfort and satisfaction that come from having chosen exactly the right color.  That is not to say, I chose the ONLY right color.  But the color is right.  When you look at a room, you have to honor what is there if you don’t plan on changing this.  This deep turquoise-y green plays well with its warm counterpart, the orangey oak in the trim and doors.  It also happens to be chalkboard paint, which comes in quarts so yes, it took nearly two full quarts to do this one wall.

These hooks were a real lifesaver, so a shout-out goes here to Sherry who works in the office.

All of a sudden this wall screamed:  I need stripes!!  I had a feeling such a fancy would strike, so I came prepared with Frog Tape.  It is fun to take a weakness like this loss of square footage turn it into a strength:  a cozy reading nook and an extra chance to have large impact in a small space.

And…hoist the canopy!  Remember those knots from earlier?  And the hooks? This is where they come in.