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Super cute napkins?  Check.  Sidewalk paint? Check.  Re-susable and oh so cute straws?  Check.  I tell ya.  It’s the little things….

The napkins and straws are both from Target.

And you can take the teacher out of the classroom, and the Child Life Specialist out of the hospital, but I still love to play!  Charlie and Lola live in books created by Lauren Child, and a TV show by Tiger Aspect.  They are so endlessly inspiring to me!  The other day I babysat my friends’ kids and here is what they made.  Just need some books for reference, colors, scraps of fabric and little bits of things.  Oh, and I suppose it doesn’t hurt to own some of the sticker stories made with Charlie and Lola.

Some people find hair and money in their couch cushions.  I am lucky enough to find stars.  Thank you, Little One.

And with that…I bid you a happy weekend!  xoxox


Hello there, friends!  Sometimes when a blogger doesn’t post in a while it is because s/he hasn’t got anything to say.  Or sometimes…she has so much to say she doesn’t know when to start.  Yes.  The glitter, photos, paint, tape, chalk, oil paint, etc. has been flying around here.  Also, I’ve had houseguests (and been one).  Anyway.  Here’s what I’ve been up to:  
Framed Photos coming soon to a bistro near you. Really!  No copying images without permission, please.

  Chevron table.  Lots of taping and eyeballing going on here.I used that thick painter’s tape to determine the width of the zigzags.  I put it on twice as much as I needed (see top) so I wouldn’t have to pencil mark on the table.  It’s not super perfect but…I did measure occasionally to make sure I was in the ballpark.Something with a straight edge will help the eyeballing process.  This dowel is actually an item from the next project…

Remember these?They are actually the tops of magic wands!

Remember this painting?Each of the 3 panels are now dry.  Time to clean up the horizon line and finish the beach grass!

So, I finally did something with that wallpaper!  I only blogged about it exactly two months ago.  Strange as it sounds, a closet is a good place to learn how to wallpaper because it is small and out of the way and no one’s going to be in there scrutinizing your mistakes!  Here is a little before and after.  Obviously I painted that apple but the plan is to display lots and lots of KIDART in here!  And I’m thinking about putting the play kitchen here, too.  We’ll see. My biggest tip is if you want to do this, learn from me and watch the how to video below more than once!  🙂

Good morning!  You wouldn’t believe how much convincing it took to get Little Man to share his play-doh with me!




…are you impressed I let little man help?

Hi friends!  Happy Monday to you.  It’s raining here in the Tri Cities, so I guess I can’t call them the “Dry (something else)-ies” today.  We had a lovely weekend at church camp, meaning we didn’t kill each other and had fun and everyone slept and we bonded with friends.

The other day I did a post on our coloring book, Scribbles, and today I’m back with Doodles and Squiggles!  I am not the first person to blog about these books by Taro Gomi, but fortunately, I am not here to tell you about new new new products.  I am here to share art and projects and beauty, so I thought it would be fun to share how my little one and I use these books.  Sometimes we follow the prompts; sometimes we break the rules!  But we always have fun!  Later on, I will show little man a thing or two about technique, meanwhile, he is showing me a thing or two about cutting loose!

                      Blank page.  Not anymore!!

Apropo how little man colored the angry guy neon red!

                   Design a shirt?  Tho’t you’d never ask.

I love bubbles so much it isn’t even funny.  I was so excited to see Joanna’s post about bubbles at Cup of Jo the other day.  The bubble painting below was done years ago from a photo taken while blowing bubbles at night.  They were lit by my grandparent’s porch light, and the result was truly trippy.  And magical.  At the park today, I got to do my own rendition of Odin Hole Standal’s soap bubbles over the fjord.  Don’t judge too harshly, because last time I checked, Tri Cities does not have a fjord or mountains with snow, and also, I didn’t get up at sunrise.  But still, aren’t they pretty?

Dear friends, I just lost this awesome post I was doing about these wonderful, fat coloring books by Taro Gomi.  They’re called Scribbles, Doodles, and Squiggles.  They encourage not only coloring skills (and there’s nothing wrong with plain coloring books), but also divergent thinking.  What’s creeping around the corner, the prompt may ask.  And you get to use your imagination!  Skills are important, and imagination is important.  In little ones, I think we are so worried about skills sometimes that we forget to encourage imagination, and that’s why I love these books.  I know my little guy likes them.

I like trying to make our styles mesh.  I color the cakes, he provides the fi-yah and pizzazz!

Use bright colors, you say?  On it.

Paint the walls, you say?  You’ll be so glad you hired us.                Color only the things you like.  Not shots.

It’s a beautiful day, huh?  You don’t even know, baby.

Dorado Office Chair-$149.99 Target.  Already out of stock.  Come back!  3 out of 4 reviewers liked this one.

 Ikea Snille Chair-$22.99 

Ikea Henriksal Chair–  It’s upholstered so it’s got to be more comfortable than the chair I’m sitting in now.

Ikea Skruvstka Chair– $149.  Husby might go for this one!

 Crate and Barrel Ripple Ivory Leather Office Chair $299.00 Uh. Oh.  Husby is going to want this one. Me too, but what a splurge!  I am going to try to talk him out of something I want.  Why do I do this?  And look at it below, from the side!  Oh, you sweet thing you!  Okay, in case you think I’m nuts for considering talking my husband out of this, I guess I should tell you my reservations.  Our double-desk is on carpet.  So, we don’t really need wheels.  It is also in a living space, so I’m wondering if we should go with a comfy upholstered side chair that can also double as a guest chair.  Not that guests wouldn’t want to sit in this number, but I just mean a more traditional looking non-desky chair.

Pantograph-For those of you who have never used these, I’ve just started and they are fun!  When I’m working on a portrait that will be done to a much different scale than the original photo, the pantograph can be a good way to change the scale accurately.  It traces over the orignal with a ‘dummy’ pencil and creates an enlarged (or reduced) version with the other pencil.  You just choose the ratio and put the pantograph together on the ratio you want to use.  I have found that, sadly, it does not replace the need for drawing ability, because it doesn’t really make the person’s face look like the person.  But, it can give you helpful landmarks so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

Graham and Brown Wallpaper– I find this inspiring!  I don’t think it will go in my office but in the closet near my office.  It’s a hogpile and I think putting this special paper in it will invite order.  When I have a chance to put up little pieces of artwork, it motivates me to be neater.  See?  All those psychology classes paid off.  I’m tricking myself out of being a slob!

So, I know today may not have the nicest weather if you live where I do…the Tri Cities in central Washington.  But still, I dare you, sneak outside with your kids (or with yourself) at some point today, and doodle on the ground.  Or the fence; or what-have-you.  Go on!!  By the way, if you’re wondering about these patterned chalks, the stripey ones are from Albertson’s.  I believe the polka-chalks are from Michael’s.  They write the same as regular chalks, but they sure are fun to look at!  Also, if you don’t have a chalkboard or chalk wall in your house, it really is loads of fun.  I have a huge wall that I painted with chalkboard paint.  But my favorite spot is on the side of a cupboard, because it has a nice smooth surface.

I put corkboard Contact paper on the bottom for our rotating gallery of art!  The top really is just several coats of chalkboard paint with time to dry and lightly sand with fine grit sandpaper in between coats.  The calendar squares are drawn on with a bistro chalk marker so they won’t erase.  If you don’t like it later, there’s always appliance paint, so don’t be shy!

Good morning!  I’m introducing a new periodical post called Beautiful Mess, because, well, we can’t always stop the messes, but we can notice the beauty.  That’s what we call rolling with it.  Enjoy!!

If I hadn’t given myself that little challenge, I wouldn’t have heard a funny thing from my funny guy.  This color wants to be pink!  He says weird stuff like that so I continued playing with my markers.  I had the reds, he had the blues and greens.  When I tried marker #1, I realized he was right.  It wanted to be pink!  Look in the circled section.  The second marker I labeled as Wants to Be Pinks friend and partner in crime.  Life is funny.

It’s one year since we’ve been here!  Wow!  I thought I would do some commemorative posts from a year ago.  One of the first things I did was paint an accent wall with chalkboard paint so we could doodley doo on here!  And if you’re thinking about doing it and wondering about ‘the dust’ don’t worry.  If nobody is a sneezer in your house, it’s not a big deal.  Cleanup is easy.  Just vacuum as normal and wipe off the baseboards every once in a while.  It’s a small price to pay for being able to draw on the wall.