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Finnegan Frost, located on the corner of Leslie and Keene in Richland, opened today!  If you scroll through the pics, you will see most everything you need to know: what’s in the frozen yogurt (what’s not), toppings offered (I got fruit AND a wee bit of extra chocolate on my small raw chocolate), store hours, even the address number.  As for flavors,  I have yet to try the tart and the strawberry.

We spent 8 bucks for a large and a small plus the toppings (your yogurt is weighed before purchase).  I have to say, I like getting a treat but not feeling sick afterwards.

Just look at this, isn’t it gorgeous?



love the mason jar lamps!

address and store hours


In case you’ve been to Some Bagels recently and wondered who painted the wall black and hung up artwork…..    It…was….ME!!  xox

Dear Friends, I don’t know if you remember about 1,ooo years ago I did a wee blog post about Rachel Rose.  She makes these amazing inkblot silk tees.  I was just perusing her blog and was happy to see that not only is she an amazing artisan, she believes in taking responsibility for production every step of the way.  That way, nobody gets hurt.  Literally.  It always upsets me when I wonder who made my clothes, and were they working in good conditions, etc. etc.

It looks like Rachel may be restocking her online shop and her Etsy shop. I just love her style, so I will be checking back soon to see what she is up to!

This is the blog I’ve been waiting for!  Pretty things that don’t hurt people, animals or nature.  Check her out


…only for two more days.  Also, get a receipt!  It takes NO time.  

Here’s a dresser that I bought at Becky’s a while back and have since painted a fun teal that, believe it or not, is incredibly versatile!  I can’t think of a color it would not jive with.  Sorry that I do not  have a ‘before’ picture.  The hardware is the same, and the wood was just kind of a blah brown; not bad shape, just not my color.  It’s amazing what a coat of paint can do! I liked that I felt confident painting this dresser because I did not shell out big bucks for it; I think it was around $60 dollars.  So really, you have this amazing piece by just adding the price of paint.  Totally worth it.

Dear Friends, I was just reading an article in a magazine put out by World Vision. It’s true.  You buy a pair of shoes and the company donates a pair of shoes to a needy child.  So simple, so beautiful.  I saw the article and I almost cried, not only because of the concept and the way it keeps childrens’ feet from infection, worms from entering the body, allows children to stay healthy and go to school.  I more cried at the way I found these shoes.  I saw them in Lucky.  Hm, I thought.  I saw the gold ones on a speaker at MOPS.  Cute!  I thought.  I saw them I lady at Michael’s Craft store.  Gee….I thought.  I’ve never heard of these shoes before and all of a sudden they are in my face.  When I saw the article I just felt a sense of meaning and purpose and  hope, and so I cried.  Again, I live for those little connections that make life mean something.  I think we all long for that, and that’s why, although the companies that step on people will continue until the end of time, these little hope-filled companies and ideas will continue to pop up…and will continue to grow.  The meek will inherit the earth, after all.

I wonder if these shoes will feel good on my bunions.  I think I have said bunions on this blog like five times already!

Good afternoon!  I just made my third visit to Wild Goose designs, and I still feel like I have so much to see!  The shop first lured me in because of my addiction to white, and at Christmastime Bonnie had a lovely display of white Christmas trees, white lights, and lots of sparkle.  Today she graciously allowed me to peruse her shop behind the lens of a camera, with a toddler in tow, no less!  She even gave him nougat, which I am hoping she does not find later in some unsavory spot.  I am pretty sure it is in his tummy.

Bonnie created this painting after watching ‘Grease.’

Wild Goose definitely delivers what it promises, “Embellishments for Body, Home, and Soul,” but I’m so glad I took the time to chat with Bonnie, because there’s a lot I didn’t know.  But first for the embellishments.  If you are looking to stop in for a small gift, you can choose from cards made right here in America, jewelry (most made by Bonnie and her husband), handbags, and scarves, books, journals, matches, soaps, candles, framed artwork, children’s books and a growing selection of children’s items.   As for the large ’embellishments,’ Team Bonnie just happens to know how to upholster, isn’t that nice?  So you will see lots of chairs and benches freshly upholstered, most with a French revival feel (though I’ve got my eye on an oversized zebra print stool).  I had to laugh when Bonnie gestured toward a mirror and said “Oh, my husband carved that…”  He WHAT?  He also custom built the counter and tons of the furniture in the shop.  Bonnie refinishes furniture, makes jewelry, paints (like that picture behind her), and  the two of them make quite the dynamic duo.  They dream it, they build it.

That brings me to ‘beyond embellishments.’  Not only can this talented couple create small and large scale home embellishments, they can also help you with your half-baked projects.  I was wishing I had known Bonnie when my family and I had first moved here.  All the upholstery shops were slammed, and I couldn’t even get a call back.  So I ended up recovering a chair and couch on my own, and they came out…let’s just say good enough for me.  If you dream up an upholstery project or a furniture building or restoration project, or you just need some crown molding put in, “We do that too!,”  Bonnie told me.  The moral of the story, boys and girls, is that it always pays to ask these questions.  From my experience on Etsy, as an artist myself, and dealing with other artists and artisans, many many folks are more than happy to do custom work.  If you have a specific vision in mind and are willing to be a good communicator and set a budget ahead of time, you will usually find someone who can work with you.

I have taken tons of photos today but not seen everything in the shop, and I have shared fewer photos that I have taken.  When you go visit, be sure to look around, but also UP.  There are lots and lots of chandeliers for sale.  And do have some chocolate, and ask about all the items that local bakers and artists are now selling at Wild Goose.

Wild Goose has been in Richland for eight years and I hope it is here for many years to come.  I like local.  I like reusing and recycling, repurposing, and trying to opt for American products.  Wild Goose does all that.