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 Ashley Goldberg

Loving this pillow!  I have a tab open on my computer and I just keep going to look at it.  It’s so vivid!  Oooh, and look at that little blue number.  Like a squeezable china plate.

From sukan’s Etsy shop.

Dear friends, did you have a nice weekend?  Oh, is it Tuesday?  Oops.  Sorry, I went to Spokane this weekend.  More on that later.

I am starting to feel a bit better about my upholstery choices.  Exposed nailheads, see?  From bohemiennes Etsy shop.   Although, while I’m at it, might I add something to my upholstery post. If you’re doing your own upholstery, get a small hammer or a special tool for driving in the nails from afar, called a nail set. If I had done this particular couch with my rough methods, all that nice gold gilt would be dented to smithereens!  Hannah learns the hard way so you don’t have to.

Today I am starting a new post topic called Neons and Neutrals.  If you’ve seen glimpses of my house, you see that I have a lot of pale colors, raw linen, greige, whites, creams.  But I love color.  How do these two seemingly disparate concepts work together?  Well, I’m still figuring that out.  I think it has to do with creating neutral backdrops (I meant, LOTS of neutral) so that the colors really stand out.  This method isn’t for everyone, but so far, I have not gotten bored with it.  Ironically, I have gotten bored with many of my color choices. Also, with a neutral backdrop, not only do my color choices stand out more, but they are much easier to swap out when I’m feeling in the mood for something else.  Jen at Made by Girl launched her new line of paintings at Cocoa and Hearts, and I think she and I are on the same page in this department.  She has that white daybed, neutral rug and blanket and a white wall, and then Whammo!  Look at how that painting pops!  The sofas below are super neutral although a completely different style than Jen’s.  But imagine if you had one linen colored pillow with, say, a tiny hot pink heart on it.  Wouldn’t it just sing?

Dear friends, I know a dear boy who likes to watch the bus stop in front of our house every school day.  I like to think it is preparing him to ride it without fear; watching all those fun children get on and off.  It also gave me the idea to tell his Papa that this boy needs a school bus to play with!  Well, here’s a nice, handmade one from Wisconsin Woodchuck’s Etsy shop.  My favorite part…the children on the bus really do go UP and DOWN, up and down, up and down…

Not only are wisconsinwoodchuck’s creations handmade, green, natural, and supporting small business, the are completely safe for your child.  They are not painted or stained but rather rubbed with mineral oil, which is completely safe.

…and should I say wiser!  Wiser in this world, wiser in the one to come, and wise enough not to go with the strapless look if: 1.  you have tan lines 2.  it is Winter 3. the style isn’t ‘you’. 4.  You come from a family who calls them ‘towels.’  Ding ding ding!

Dear friends, I am so exited to do this post (and others like it)!  My dearest Aunt Joan, author of Joan’s Chocolate Chip Cookies, AJ to me, mother of 3 of my cousins (grown), widow of my dear Uncle David and now…beloved fiancee of a wonderful man named Lonnie.  Can’t wait to meet you!  In the meantime Lonnie, how about a $7,000 dollar dress?  Look, how pretty…!

And, before I get too carried away, let me say a hearty congratulations to you both. xoxo!

                 Funny how this shopowner is named Joan.  I’m just sayin’….


The Trosseau’s Etsy Shop

PS:  I was going to write ‘for more mature’ brides, but what does that even mean?  And besides, you’ve been mature since you could walk.

From scarlettbeautiful

Well, your royal Highnesses, I will never forget your anniversary!   Please be good to each other.

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From fleamarkettrixie

From Bambaroos Boutique by Mirela Olariu.

from Ikabags.  I have one of these, and it rocks.  Good diaper bag, or deep enough for celery and wine and long items such as these (speaking from experience, here).  Comes in many colors.  I have a little skinny blue and white striped number.

From ExpressionsWallArt

  From Iwall

From artwallproject

from dreamsbythesea

From HeyYoYo

From goodygoodygumdrops

From Tastycakeartist  I just have to say a few words about this one.  I really like the detailed but not overwrought look of this artist.  Maybe I’m just being narcissistic, but this is similar to how I paint.  I let the paint blend visually on the canvas, leaving chunks and streaks.  I think it makes for a very painterly, interesting look!  And who doesn’t love the subject, cake??