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No Way!  Frozen Cranberry letters via Oufitqueen, originally spied on Letterology.

Or, so as not to confuse the issue, oil painting of an orange.  From my thankful for oranges picture, here.

Also Coming to Frost Me Sweet (if there is enough room on the walls!)

I seem to remember my friend Elisabeth saying something on Facebook about how much she liked Bacon.  And i just happened to have this keen picture on hand.  You know those huge packs of pre-cooked bacon you can buy at Costco?  I don’t know, when you have that much bacon on your hands, magical things just happen.  (Then I started playing with, which are where all the ‘effects’ came from).  You’re welcome.Regular


Cross Process Polaroid Frame

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…I will try to add to this post as time goes on (rather than doing separate posts).  ‘Dibs’ are more than welcome; it would be fun to put ‘sold’ signs on some of these before they even go to hang!  Rest assured the sold sign would be super cute.

This makes me want to paint (and eat) a popsicle.  And…strangely…buy clothes.