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A stationary stone gathers no momentum.  That’s my version of “A rolling stone gathers no moss.”  They’re basically opposite ways of saying the same thing.  In my experience, ideas breed more ideas.  And when you don’t have ideas…you just start puttering, and then you get ideas.  I had these two blue blocky canvases.  Then I painted them pink.  Then I started collaging newspaper on them.  And then…..I was rummaging through my scrapbook paper for an entirely unrelated reason.  And I found these awesome marbelized transparent papers that fit the canvases exactly.  I like the way the newspaper shows through.  Next step:  I’m thinking a nice shiny laquer coat over the top.

My happiest creating sessions involve paint, glitter, glue, or today, all three.  I don’t know what ‘metallic crinkle’ is, but it resembles Easter grass.  And I hate Easter grass.  But cut the metallic crinkle into little confettis and am sprinkling liberally over my still-wet and dripping magic wands.  

Good morning!  Here’s a fun project you can do with buttons.  It takes patience, but the skill level is easy!  Try not to burn your fingers with the hot glue.

…and what you can do to enjoy them a little longer than your Mai Thai. 🙂  Skill Level: EASY

…oh, I can’t believe I am about to share this with you, because I did NOT do it right!  But this is because my friend Julie asked, not because I am an expert.  It is a couple steps up from this: