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Been piddling.  When I wake up I’ll see what else it needs. needs.

all images copyright  Please give credit where credit is due!

We have a friend who did some sewing for me in exchange for a painting lesson for her husband.  I don’t like to share names without permission but I’m excited by all of the results!

Reversible pillows:

Paintings (and no, the top ones, not framed, just resting on paper and drying):

   Check out these babies, which are now drying.  The larger one  (16×20) is waiting some final touches and the smaller one measures about 5×7 and served as a rough draft.  We were about ready to call it a day (really about 2.5 hours) when I referred back to the small painting and realized that the wet-on-wet application of the orange tinges to the clouds was pretty killer. The big painting needed the same treatment. The idea behind the smaller painting is that it gives you just these sorts of inspirations, and it also gives you a sense of confidence and accomplishment for tackling the bigger piece.  Or, conversely, a small painting can be done after a large painting to see if you can streamline and post-process all your accomplishments.  Nice work, you-know-who-you-are!


Hello! Aren’t these wild?  UNsurpassed skill on this here painter.

Will Cotton, NOEMI, 2009, oil on linen, 34 x 24 inches

Will Cotton, PASTORAL, 2009, oil on linen, 60 x 72 inches

Will Cotton, RIBBON CANDY (SMILE), 2009, oil on linen, 34 x 24 inches

Good morning!  I have been having fun perusing Becca Kallem’s artwork.  Those little birdie tags down below are a gift from her.  Artists do that, sometimes.  She gave me permission to share some images from her website with you.  You can check out her blog here and website here.  Enjoy!  I certainly have!

Way-da go apple!  Be your own…apple!

Or, so as not to confuse the issue, oil painting of an orange.  From my thankful for oranges picture, here.

This little oil-painted lass is by Emily Winfield Martin, author of  Inside a black Apple blog,  and a  book I have called the Black Apple Paper Doll primer that I like quite a lot.  Emily is a Pacific Northwest artist, and has been a guest on Martha Stewart.  She has a very distinctive whimsical style as you can see by perusing her Etsy shop or BuyOlympia. FUN!!  Another fun read is her auxiliary blog cataloging her vintage finds, Some Girls Wander By Mistake.

I am telling you about Karen Appleton’s Blog.  You’re Welcome.  Her subject matter is quite often presents.  I especially liked her post about mailing a ‘present’ (empty of course) so her participants could take pictures in random places and then share images.  The mail clerk asked the value of her package-package.  I think she started in on its value being “purely symbolic” before she gave up.  Anyway.  I’m a little bit obessed with her subject matter, her medium (oils), and her beautiful, beautiful, lovely, execution.  Enjoy!

Hello there, friends!  Sometimes when a blogger doesn’t post in a while it is because s/he hasn’t got anything to say.  Or sometimes…she has so much to say she doesn’t know when to start.  Yes.  The glitter, photos, paint, tape, chalk, oil paint, etc. has been flying around here.  Also, I’ve had houseguests (and been one).  Anyway.  Here’s what I’ve been up to:  
Framed Photos coming soon to a bistro near you. Really!  No copying images without permission, please.

  Chevron table.  Lots of taping and eyeballing going on here.I used that thick painter’s tape to determine the width of the zigzags.  I put it on twice as much as I needed (see top) so I wouldn’t have to pencil mark on the table.  It’s not super perfect but…I did measure occasionally to make sure I was in the ballpark.Something with a straight edge will help the eyeballing process.  This dowel is actually an item from the next project…

Remember these?They are actually the tops of magic wands!

Remember this painting?Each of the 3 panels are now dry.  Time to clean up the horizon line and finish the beach grass!




…are you impressed I let little man help?

“What did you do today?”  Isn’t that the million dollar question! I think the reason I paint instead of cook is because the results are more lasting.  So here’s a peek into what I did today.  Also, though I can’t stomach the transitory nature of culinary creations…I sure like to eat!  So I’m thankful we all express our creativity in different ways.

Dear friends, you can’t get rid of me that easily!  Haha.  We’ve had such a relaxing week…and now I have plenty of inspiration for those canvases that have been staring at me blankly for so many months.


I’m the kind of girl who will buy a pink donut at SBux just so I can can paint it.  If you read the other post about it a long time ago, I never could find the painting to take the final shot.  Well, here it is. Now you can see the  process.