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And just for fun, do you see the similarities in the beach colors and the keyboard colors?  Fun.  Christian Chaize

No Way!  Frozen Cranberry letters via Oufitqueen, originally spied on Letterology.

I seem to remember my friend Elisabeth saying something on Facebook about how much she liked Bacon.  And i just happened to have this keen picture on hand.  You know those huge packs of pre-cooked bacon you can buy at Costco?  I don’t know, when you have that much bacon on your hands, magical things just happen.  (Then I started playing with, which are where all the ‘effects’ came from).  You’re welcome.Regular


Cross Process Polaroid Frame

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Okay, just….stop…yelling at me!

Next time, don’t let those hams out of the car.
Except, then the car was dead!  This is four years ago, in Nashville.  And none of this has to do with art being all around us, but hey, it’s my blog.  xoxo!

PS.  I found a fit.  See the warm pink and coral? Those are some of my favorite colors right there.  Also, these will end up in a frame, so art or not, they’re going to be part of my ‘daily art’ repertoire.

Wow, leave it to my mom to hold me accountable!  I said I would gush about Shop Ruche today, and I haven’t done it yet.  Sorry, I took a nap. Here’s why I don’t normally do that:

Dear friends, I saw my Mumsy on Mother’s Day, after she got off work.  Before that I visited my cousin at her house.  She still has some paintings I gave her when I was 13!   You are not even going to believe this, but our faces in the bottom pic are about the size of my pinky nail!  I am simultaneously blown away that I didn’t just make our faces bigger, therefore easier…AND that I had the ability and patience to pull this off as a 13 year old!  I am 30 now and I can’t imagine sitting still for that long.

Sporting our Christmas kerchiefs?  Not quite sure where those came from but I do remember   posing for this picture.                     The three of us weeding.  I was really keen on weeding when I was 13.  Weird, I know.

                 Not the world’s best pic, but can you tell who’s who?

Well, dearie, I guess you were just  young in the wrong decade.