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                         Photo credit: Oh Joy!

You have got to see the rest of this post from last Valentine’s Day at Grey Likes Weddings.  I’m going to need to go to the dentist from too much eye candy.  Er…

But it sure can be gorgeous, can’t it?  I’m just so deeply enamored of these images that I have no words…from the Ardent Sparrow.  Make sure you do visit her website because that is where all the photo credits are.  Another good place to visit:

The Glitter Guide

I wore my wellies all day in hopes that my little one would want to go out in the snow.  He didn’t.

Are we living in some kind of parallel universe?

Today, I didn’t leave home, which was nice.  Usually it drives me nuts not to get out before 10, but today we even caught a little bit of Sesame Street.  I admired my new pot rack, cozied up with some blankets and some favorite books, and even found the strength to part with some more Christmas decorations.  You can see Hobbes is looking upset, but I told him Valentine’s Day was around the corner and he chillaxed.  A little.  (By the way, isn’t he cute? My cousin Lynn “Winn” made him for Christmas and give it to us with a Calvin and Hobbes book!)




























Oh, wellies…..

My cousin Lynn was just here.  She just left in her frost-covered car.  Bye Lynn!  Thanks for a good visit, and tell me when you get home safe.   I mean, ‘safely.’  Lynn is a grammar expert.

I’m thinking of making cards and prints of these.  I would buy them; would you?

These tiny frost crystals were blowing off the trees and I was lucky enough to have my camera on hand.  We had JUST read Peter Pan, too.

We finally saw it last night.  Awww!

(image from here)

Also, go to Etsy and type in ‘art deco’ for great artwork.  Fun!

J Crew. Deco Necklace here

Deco Bow Tie Cuff here




Lulu Frost for J. Crew Thin Deco Bangle available in yellow, green, ivory and mustard here

Lulu Frost for J. Crew Turquoise stone bangle here

Deco Bow Bangle here

Deco Cabochon ring here

LuluFrost for J. Crew crystal duette pendant necklace here

Lulu Frost for J. Crew crystal and resin earrings here

Lulu Frost for J. Crew Resin and Crystal Applique earrings here

Pearl strand locket here

Pluma Mesh bracelet here

Lulu Frost for J. Crew bohemian lattice bracelet here

Deco Brooch necklace here

Some people find hair and money in their couch cushions.  I am lucky enough to find stars.  Thank you, Little One.

My happiest creating sessions involve paint, glitter, glue, or today, all three.  I don’t know what ‘metallic crinkle’ is, but it resembles Easter grass.  And I hate Easter grass.  But cut the metallic crinkle into little confettis and am sprinkling liberally over my still-wet and dripping magic wands.