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Finnegan Frost, located on the corner of Leslie and Keene in Richland, opened today!  If you scroll through the pics, you will see most everything you need to know: what’s in the frozen yogurt (what’s not), toppings offered (I got fruit AND a wee bit of extra chocolate on my small raw chocolate), store hours, even the address number.  As for flavors,  I have yet to try the tart and the strawberry.

We spent 8 bucks for a large and a small plus the toppings (your yogurt is weighed before purchase).  I have to say, I like getting a treat but not feeling sick afterwards.

Just look at this, isn’t it gorgeous?



love the mason jar lamps!

address and store hours


In case you’ve been to Some Bagels recently and wondered who painted the wall black and hung up artwork…..    It…was….ME!!  xox

I’m headed to Becky’s Consignment in Uptown Richland.  Open  from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Wednesday to Saturday and from noon to 7 p.m. Sunday. Here are some other posts I’ve done about Becky’s

Dresser from Becky’s



Other Finds from Becky’s

Pillow from Becky’s

Lots and Lots of stuff From Becky’s

Here’s Becky.

Me at Becky’s.

So, I met Sally Martin at church camp retreat in May.  But it feels like years ago; and that’s a compliment.  Life is funny  because conversations turned toward what we like to do and next thing I know I’m taking photos for her CD cover.  It’s even funnier that I’m not really a photographer and that our kids were running rampant around the house while we were trying to do this project.  We started with a deep breath and a prayer, and here’s what came from it…..
 I’m going to wait and buy the whole CD, but you can buy individual songs here.  All I can say is, ENJOY!!!!



Front Cover

Back CoverSome Extras…

Hello friends!  Do you remember this post I did in March on Wild Goose?  Well, right now they’re having a huge summer sale so lots of prices are slashed.  I have my eye on a big pretty blue vase that I think would make a sweet umbrella holder.  I just…need to get an umbrella.  Anyway.  I have a few things for sale there, too, that I thought you might like to see.  


Hello readers!  I hope your weekend was sunshiny!  We celebrated in Yakima with our little cousin…he turned one!  Rest assured there was lots of frosting involved.  Sometimes my subconsious creates connections, in this case, a segue, without realizing it.  I wanted to tell you about the new artwork I will be showing at Frost Me Sweet here in Richland.

The cupcake that started it all (on my inspiration board)

Some ink and watercolor sketches

                                                                       Some photography….

                                                 Some snippets of rice tape that I stuck on to paper and then cut into shapes.  I may make one of my mini-collage- arrays out of these. 
Speaking of cupcakes, doesn’t this ottoman I picked up at the Teej (TJ Maxx) look like a giant edible?  Mmmm.  I may take it back.  Let me know if you want a heads up if I do!


Today at the Richland Farmer’s Market I tasted the most delicious goat cheese with pesto and sundried tomatoes from Cheese Louise, sampled and purchased sweet strawberries, bought fresh asparagus, turnip greens and bearded iris, and stopped for a bite to eat at Frost Me Sweet.  One turkey sandwich was plenty for both of us!  I wonder, is going full-body into the fountain frowned upon?  Probably.

We also visited Miss Bonnie at Wild Goose Designs and bought a completely fabulous ring.  I believe my description of it was “I love how the old-world feel of the mother of pearl is combined with the very modern angular wood setting.” And instead of laughing me out of the store, Bonnie complimented me on my eye for detail. 🙂

                       Note to self: Look into this place!


Stopped for a bite to eat at Frost Me Sweet (bakery and bistro).  For more eye candy, you’ll want to                         read the post I did of their opening day, here.

                    Cooling off at the fountain!
                     Mirror sale going on at Wild Goose!
                        Cool ring from Wild Goose!

I took these books to Adventures Underground on G-way and now I have 25 dollars to pick out something else.  I’ve got my eye on a set of huge Melissa and Doug children’s blocks…also, there’s a train table in there.  Not that I need another train table, but it does make it nicer to browse because little man has something to do besides ‘rearrange.’  

I think I might have lied about the planes part.  But check out this all-terrain firetruck.  I have to admit, being a girly girl, I thought I was going to this event mostly for my ‘boys,’ but when the fireman started explaining that this rig can hold 25,000 gallons of water, and it has joysticks to control the water sprayers in the front…I was pretty smitten with this thing.  Also, since they usually use this truck out in nature, the driver can adjust to the tire pressure while driving.  Sand?  No problem?  Burning foothills? No problem.  But, of course, my first love are the surfaces and textures and colors.  See the Michelin Man?

  Last weekend threatened rain but turned fine for Kadlec Regional Medical Center’s Kidz Dig Rigz Event, a fundraiser for the hospital.  My fabulous coworker Amber wrote up ‘why’ part of the description of the event here.  The other ‘why’ is just because it’s awesome.  Can we do it again next year?  Huh, can we?

          My kid, last seen, entering the bounce house!

Dear friends,

Every time I blog about Wild Goose Designs (here and definitely here), I always get such a kick culling through my photos.  The place is really photogenic!  And, as promised, they are having a mirror sale.  I titled this with the word ‘decorators’ because that’s what they are, as well as artists, carpenters, and upholsters.  If you need an ‘eye,’ they’ve got it.  Now, how about a large mirror, or some decorating advice?  

Dear Friends,

Not only did I get some large canvases at Becky’s, but I can sell my old stuff here, too.  I love NOT spending money on stuff, don’t you?  If you buy something here and consign something here too, you’re winning all around.  Becky’s does a 60/40% consignment split (your favor), and I think you can set your lower limit for what you’d be willing to sell something for.  This is great for something you dont’ want to sell on Craigslist because it is too small, doesn’t photograph well, or just because you want foot traffic.  The ladies there have lots of experience and know what will sell well.  This is not Becky by the way.  She told me her “I’m not Becky” T-shirt was on its way in the mail and I believed her.   I only wish I had taken a pic of Becky!  I did three posts on Becky’s a while back; check them out here!

Plant caddy $14.50 each.  Beats triple through a catalog!



…from Wild Goose Design on G-Way for you Tri-City locals.  I asked my husband if he wrapped my b-day present like this in royal wedding theme paper, and you could tell he was weighing what the correct answer was.  “Did I?  Is that a good thing or a bad thing?,” flickered across his face as he answered, “Not really…mabye, sort of.”  Anyway.  Isn’t it pretty?

Today’s Warm and Cool is from close to home: the corner banquette in my kitchen!  Today I finally figured out why I (and many women) are so in love with throw pillows.  They are like soft pieces of art.  It’s so dumb and I can’t help it.  The ikat dotted ones were made from clearanced napkins from West Elm.  The light blue pillow is from Value Village (relax!  I threw the whole thing in the wash), and the peachy embroidered pillow is from Becky’s Consignment here in Richland.

Here’s some of my personal loot:

Poppy print.  Does anyone else think this is as cool as I do?

Couch, $50!  This may not be your style, but I think it’s rad.  That’s right.  I paid $150 to have it       cleaned just in case, but Becky’s only takes couches that look and smell good, so that’s a plus. 🙂 I got this couch there a while back, not recently, but the other stuff is from yesterday.

Kids’ divided plate/tray.  We only had one other divided plate, so now we have two! Isn’t this cute?

3 enormous pictures on printed stretched canvases that I will simply paint over to my liking ($90 for all 3, which even for blank canvases is pretty good.)

Finally, the right size mirror for this spot!  Can you tell I’ve been struggling?  I will move the federal mirror, take the other two back to T.J. Maxx and paint this new one my predictable white.  Does this mirror remind you of the one below?  It’s on the opposite wall, and they’re about the same size.  Except the one from Becky’s was $7.  It’s not super nice, so I won’t feel bad freshening it up with white paint. When in doubt about something, or if you hate it, paint it black or white first.  I’m telling you, it makes it sooo much better.
Am I getting a little thematic with the octagonal mirrors?  I know I’m pretty thematic with all the white, but that’s not negotiable. 

Here’s a dresser that I bought at Becky’s a while back and have since painted a fun teal that, believe it or not, is incredibly versatile!  I can’t think of a color it would not jive with.  Sorry that I do not  have a ‘before’ picture.  The hardware is the same, and the wood was just kind of a blah brown; not bad shape, just not my color.  It’s amazing what a coat of paint can do! I liked that I felt confident painting this dresser because I did not shell out big bucks for it; I think it was around $60 dollars.  So really, you have this amazing piece by just adding the price of paint.  Totally worth it.

Hi friends!  I want to tell you about a little gem I’ve found in uptown Richland.  I’ve had good luck there in furnishing my home inexpensively.  There is a ton of stuff in there with over 2,000 vendors, but don’t be overwhelmed.  Be inspired!  There is new stuff every day, but here are some things I saw today:

I have a thing for geodes..
       And discounts.

Dear friends, for those of you who live in the Tri Cities, I just thought I’d let you know!  Wheee!  Go Wild Goose!  I’d rather have a hand-upholstered chair anyday.  You know the materials and labor came from right here not only in the US of A but from our very own city.  It makes me so…proud…sniff!

Hello!  Do you remember me mentioning Roaster’s Coffee in Richland?  496 George Washington Way, to be exact.  This location has a sit down area and a drive thru, while the Pasco location is drive through only.  For more information, you can visit their website.  I really have fun doing these shop posts.  I always enjoy getting to see more than I would just as a customer.  I look up, I look down, I read things.  I actually end up being more well-versed in the menu and store hours (added bonus), but I start to see interesting things, instead of just, well, in this case, coffee!  But even if I was blind I would know I was in a coffee shop.  Mmmmmmm.  Do you love it when the smell clings to your clothes?  That might bother some people, but I absolutely love it.  Anyway, enjoy Roaster’s as a visual experience!

              Now serving and selling their own roasted coffee.  Go local!  Also, if you want to go local with your                art, that (obviously) was mine.      Hehe!  Man, the only problem with thinking about coffee for an             hour is that now I’m going to want something more special than boring old drippity-doo-dah in the           morning.

One day recently I was craving a Toot and Puddle book.  Author and illustrator Holly Hobbie really knocks it out of the park with her amazing watercolors.  I remembered these books from my days as a student teacher.  Toot and Puddle books were not currently in the store so I had them ordered!   I’ve had good experiences at Adventures Underground. The people are nice, even when you, say, knock over a glass jar of wearable buttons and shatter the glass everywhere.

Why, you ask, would you want to order a book through Adventures Underground instead of use Amazon?  Other than, ahem, than the fact that its good for the town, you add quickly!  Well, because, if you sell books here, you get store credit!  And that’s good towards anything in the store, not just books  So, I’ve gotten lots of ‘free’ Melissa and Doug toys, childrens’ books, even a gift book, and paperbacks that I’m craving (I’ve been on a huge Beverly Cleary kick).  In case you don’t know this, books do not sell well if you try to sell them on your own.  That’s why I take my books here.  And we get to visit Charlie, the shop dog!!  Vist at:  1391 George Washington Way/ Richland, WA 99354-3401

                      Rachael didn’t want to smile.  I convinced her she has a great smile!  Rachael is not a stuffed                            animal.