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How it works:  You email your photo(s) to  If you live out of town you send full or partial payment up-front.   I email you when I’m done with your portait(s) and either hand-deliver or ship to you.  And that’s all!

Watercolor Trio


5×5″ watercolor portraits are still $50.00 plus tax.  These are shipping out for Christmas!  All you have to do is email me photos at

sister 8 sister 7 sister 6 sister 5 sister 4 sister 3 sister 2 sister 1

2 brother 8 2 brother 7 2 brother 6 2 brother 5 2 brother 4
2 brother 2 2 brother 1

1 brother 7 1 brother 6 1 brother 5 1 brother 4 1 brother 3 1 brother 2 1 brother 1


Recently gave this to a friend on her 7oth birthday!

This image is a reminder to me as a painter that sometimes, people don’t care about your skill.  They just want to see popsicles, and be snappy about it!

Image from One Kings Lane Longstreet Collection

Hello!  Just makin’ a mood board for a decorating project!  As time progresses the board will become more and more full of actual items to actually kit out this room.  More later…


The process….

Added a leetle bigger smile at the last minute!

Some of my latest commissions.  For sizing and pricing check out  Some of my prices are about to go up and some will stay the same.



Good afternoon, readers!

I love Miss Piggy!  I found this in the March Issue of Real Simple.  I was first drawn to the colors, then to Miss Piggy herself.  But the clincher is the caption!!

I am sorry that I haven’t posted in a while.  Ironically, I have more to post about when I don’t post.  I’m just too busy doing it!  And that, friends, is the hallmark of an introvert blogger.  Happy Friday!!

Good afternoon!  I love painterly things in all their many forms.

Designs by the Ardent Sparrow

Via Grey Likes Weddings, Photography by joielala, Shoot: Megan of Forget me Knot Weddings and

Tori and Myka of Sitting in a Tree Events

…from Rebecca’s Misc.   Make sure to check out her artwork here.   She has a really interesting style and I just love the colors she chooses!

That sounds like a carnival sign but since Christmas is coming and since my 5×5’s have always been that price, I just thought you might like a friendly reminder.  You’re welcome!  In case you’re wondering how it works, you just attach me an image to  After I confirm that I can work with the photo, you just wait……….. and voila!  Heartfelt, homemade awesomeness. Hint: I like to work from photos taken in good outdoor light with stronger light on one side of the face than the other.  See how the blank paper shows through?  

Today…I give you the artistry of Kristian Schuller.

So many talented people out there!  This beauty, Waiting for the Parade, is by Samantha Hahn.

Loving this pillow!  I have a tab open on my computer and I just keep going to look at it.  It’s so vivid!  Oooh, and look at that little blue number.  Like a squeezable china plate.

From sukan’s Etsy shop.

A cute little laddie, deep in thought!  And I included a picture of my paint ‘test sheet.’