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…So different than mine!  I have to confess, I do not feel that I am the best doodler.  I created this post topic in order to push myself to doodle more, and to get over my doodle envy!

Dear friends, it may not seem like it,  it is a big deal that I’m sharing anything in my sketchbook.  I know I shared an old one the other day, but this one is not that old…so I feel more vulnerable.  Maybe when we know each other better I will zoom out and you can see the whole page…and what a mess it is.  Oh dear, and I thought I was such a transparent person!  I was just saying to Andy the other day that I get so jealous/inspired when I see other artists’ sketchbooks, like Lotta Jansdotter.  Her sketchbook pages alone are frameable.  But then, she would probably tell me that is not true for every page (please, please, be true).  You know what?  I’m going to go ahead and assert that as fact.  There.  Because sketchbooks are not a place for personal editing, they are a place for freedom.  Have you ever heard that the rule for group brainstorming is that NOTHING gets cut in the initial phases?  This rarely happens in group brainstorming, which is why certain people tend to dominate.  Well, I think the same should be true for your sketchbook.  Don’t self-censor before you get started!