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Here’s a dresser that I bought at Becky’s a while back and have since painted a fun teal that, believe it or not, is incredibly versatile!  I can’t think of a color it would not jive with.  Sorry that I do not  have a ‘before’ picture.  The hardware is the same, and the wood was just kind of a blah brown; not bad shape, just not my color.  It’s amazing what a coat of paint can do! I liked that I felt confident painting this dresser because I did not shell out big bucks for it; I think it was around $60 dollars.  So really, you have this amazing piece by just adding the price of paint.  Totally worth it.

Faux Bois means fake wood, but these stumps are real.  Since I’m using them as stools and side tables outside, I’m slathering them with white oil paint, so now you can’t tell if they’re faux.  I guess I’m pulling a Connie and Carla!  My husband was at the hardware store, and he bought me some white ‘barn and fence’ paint, which made me laugh.  I’m no Pioneer Woman.  Or maybe I am in some areas.  Like my tendency to paint the universe without fear.                 I’m likin’ how the lichen insists on living despite all the paint!