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One day recently I was craving a Toot and Puddle book.  Author and illustrator Holly Hobbie really knocks it out of the park with her amazing watercolors.  I remembered these books from my days as a student teacher.  Toot and Puddle books were not currently in the store so I had them ordered!   I’ve had good experiences at Adventures Underground. The people are nice, even when you, say, knock over a glass jar of wearable buttons and shatter the glass everywhere.

Why, you ask, would you want to order a book through Adventures Underground instead of use Amazon?  Other than, ahem, than the fact that its good for the town, you add quickly!  Well, because, if you sell books here, you get store credit!  And that’s good towards anything in the store, not just books  So, I’ve gotten lots of ‘free’ Melissa and Doug toys, childrens’ books, even a gift book, and paperbacks that I’m craving (I’ve been on a huge Beverly Cleary kick).  In case you don’t know this, books do not sell well if you try to sell them on your own.  That’s why I take my books here.  And we get to visit Charlie, the shop dog!!  Vist at:  1391 George Washington Way/ Richland, WA 99354-3401

                      Rachael didn’t want to smile.  I convinced her she has a great smile!  Rachael is not a stuffed                            animal.