I am not exactly featuring anything specific for you to buy, although go for it, here! It’s just that once I caught on to the warm-cool color combination, I realize that it is everywhere, it works, and it is the reason we like certain things.  Anthropologie is not only a good store for perusing and buying (I miss ours in Nashville.  You could usually find me in the children’s toy section or the hardware…), it is a good store for looking, and looking HARD.  People work really intently on their displays, on the photography, everything is meant to be a wonderful visual experience.  You can learn a lot about dressing by looking at how something is decorated, and a lot about decorating based on how someone is dressed.  Just stop and ask you yourself, why do I like this?  Learn to use words to describe what you see, and how it makes you feel.  Be as specific as you can!