Well, okay, the first part isn’t funny.  I wrote this up and hung it on the wall not so much as art but to get through a very dark time.  Perhaps the artistic part is that the overall effect looks like what it felt like: etchings in a prison wall.  And it helped.  I didn’t instantly feel completely better, but I had some tools.  I had good things to think about.  I itemized the good things, listed them out.

The funny part came when my mom and I were trying to recite this verse (found in Paul’s letter to the church at Philippi, or Philippians) together over the phone.  I did  great job and was trying not to feel too proud of myself when I hear a low chuckle over the phone.  “Well, you got the whole thing except one part.”  “Oh, really, what part?”  And it unison we chime, “Let your gentleness be evident to all, the Lord is near.”  Crap. I am not the most gentle of souls sometimes.  I can have Nato-quality diplomacy, sometimes.  I can have the gentleness of Mother Theresa, sometimes.  But I live with an inner bulldog, all the time.  And you really only need or inner bulldog about 5% of your entire life.  So, I must train and tame the bulldog.  Oh, Hannah, you funny girl.