Okay, for those of you who don’t know the history, Boo Radley’s actually came first, followed by its ‘brother’ store, Atticus.  Boo Radley’s is all about toys, books, fun, funny, quirky,  fart humor, etc.  And color.

This keen octopus is painted on the non-access door between Atticus and Boo-Radley’s.  One of their employees painted it!  Tra, you are so talented!!  Get a website.  I want to be a groupie!!  

I absolutely love this display.  Jen, one of Boo Radley’s longest standing employees, was over-empathizing a bit with the Ugly Dolls, as she recounted to me that one was stuck in an uncomfortable, creased position all day.  Jen is a hoot.  Ugly Dolls are actually incredibly stylish.  I absolutely love them in decor; they add a little bit of charm and silliness, and with the way I tend to decorate, they really break up the seriousness and telegraph that yes, I do have a sense of humor.
Lollipop image is a bit digitally doctored because I took a sucky (get it?) photo
I bought the Martyoshka doll paper last time I was there!
I stared and stared at that Abraham Obama book cover!  I wonder what the book is about?
I still love Hello Kitty.
There is a whole section of the store I didn’t make it to, because it was crowded full of paying customers.  From what I remember, the Hello Kitty belies a whole row of action figures and dude stuff.  I am gender stereotyping big time, here, but I’m just saying, guys, if Hello Kitty isn’t your thing, there’s books about bacon, and action figures.  And stuff.
Thanks, Andy and Kris, for letting us stop by, for your hospitality, and for letting us see how many Dinnies and McDs we could cram in your stores.  It sure was fun, and good to see everyone!